Faith Formation News and information

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to the 2019-20 Faith Formation year. We are looking forward to sharing the faith journey with you and your child/children.

Attached is a registration form. Please complete one for each child and return the form(s) before Aug 10th so I can get everything ready to start in September.

Classes will start on September 15th. K-5 will be from 9:50 - 10: 50 AMand 6-10 will be in the evening from 5-7 PM. All confirmation candidates must attend classes starting in September including Notre Dame students.

Our teachers have been working hard during the summer to come up with some innovative ideas for teaching our children and provide meaningful experiences for them and you.

We plan to schedule activities outside the classroom and would welcome your input and assistance. If you know of a field trip or a speaker that could enhance our lessons, please call me or talk to your child's teacher. We welcome all your thoughts and ideas.

Due to the increase costs for materials we will be asking for a fee from each family to cover the costs. The fee for one child will be $20, sacramental years (2nd grade and 10th) will be $30. The maximum any family will be asked to contribute is $60. However, No child will be turned away if the fee is not affordable.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 315-724-0402.

Thank you and God Bless!

Rev. Joseph Salerno

Kathy Seiselmyer - Coordinator

CLICK HERE to download the Registration Form.

CLICK HERE to download the Parent's Handbook.



Will you please touch the HEART of an area teen by becoming a Teen Angel?

Once again, we are having an Eastern Region Summer Youth Program for Teens in Grades 7 to 12. ALL are WELCOME! Please help us give teenagers a summer to remember.

To sponsor a Teen for t he season, a donation for $225.00 will include all field trips, food, and entertainment.

To sponsor a Teen for one trip, the donation is $50.00 for a Sunday food & entertainment day, the donation is $150.00 DONATIONS in ANY Amount are greatly appreciated.

Please either drop your donation off to the office, mail it to 1736 Burrstone Rd, New Hartford, NY 13413, or put your donations in an envelope for the Sunday Collection marked for "OLR Summer Youth Program."

Thank you so much for helping us give our area teens fun events during which we can fellowship and be witnesses to our Faith in practical ways.



Every story in the Bible helps us to get to know what God is like, what we are like, and the way God wants us to live.

The Puzzle below is from Ephesians 6:10-18 in the New Testament. After reading this Scripture from the Bible have an adult discuss the chart with you to explain what each piece of Spiritual armor does to help you follow Jesus' directions for your lives. The puzzle will help us to remember how powerfully the Bible speaks to each one of us all the time. It lets us know how much God loves us and wants us to be protected from anything or anyone who would hurt us!

  • Belt of TRUTH
    His sovereight, love, wisdom, and holiness.
    (Deut. 4:39; Ps. 18:1-3)
  • Breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS
    Jesus Christ and His blood, which cleanses us form sin. The cross which frees us from bondage to selfish nature.
  • Sandals of PEACE
    Our peace trough our union and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Shield of FAITH
    Our continual trust in God, His Word, and His promises.
  • Helmet of SALVATION
    God's promises of daily and eternal salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • Sword of the Spirit: HIS WORD
    The power of God's Word to counter deception and triunph over spiritual foes.


As previously noted we contacted the State to request funds to help with our expenses. Following is the response we received from the state legislators:

"The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation reviewed the oil tank incident and cleanup. Unfortunately, there are no funds or grants available from the DEC. We will contact you should any local funding or grants become available."

As disappointing as this is, we have started to receive assistance from parishioners. Thank you. We are so grateful to all of you.

Thank You, Father Joe Salerno.



July 28th after the 11:15 Mass on the Lourdes Campus as part of our 100th Anniversary Celebration we are having an ice cream social.

At the same time we will be saying farewell to our seminarian as he returns to school in Maryland for his next 2 years of seminary training and education. As you know Dennis, has been with us at Rosary and Lourdes for his pastoral year.

Thank you Dennis and we wish you well back at school.



Watch the priests, deacons and seminarians of the diocese play the youth from Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of the Rosary.

Admission is free, and there will be concessions, raffles and games.




  • Monday, July 29th
  • Monday, August 5th

6:00 - 7:30 pm at Lourdes Garage behind the Church.

We will NOT be accepting: clothing, TV's, microwaves, textbooks, computers, broken items, or large appliances.



Raffle Tickets for the Annual ND Elementary and Lourdes Bazaar are now on sale.

The Second Early bird drawing was Tuesday July 9th. You may purchase tickets after all Masses, at the Church Offices, the School or at Chanatry's Market for 10.00 and a chance to win a Grand Prize of $5,000.00.

The next early bird drawing is Tuesday, July 23rd.



Mount Carmel/Blessed Sacrament Festival

this weekend

Saturday July, 20 | Hours 5-10pm: Entertainment is Easy Money.

Sunday, July 21: Walk for Mary's Children after 10:30 Mass Hours Noon - 5pm

Entertainment Dance Center

Dancers, La Banda Rosa and Anthony LaBarbara.

Come and enjoy great food and fun. Church Location is 648 Jay St. Utica



The SANCTUARY LIGHT this week is in Honor of MARION CARUSO by her Niece.

The traditions of the Sanctuary Lamp are linked to references in the Old Testament. God gave directions for the building of the tabernacle that included a lamp stand (Exodus 25:31-40) and told the Israelites to have oil burning lamps in the meeting tent "from evening to morning" as a perpetual ordinance (Exodus 27:20-21).

The Catholic practice of burning a light in front of the consecrated bread and wine left after a communion service began in the 12th century. This is to signify and honor the presence of Christ in the elements of bread and wine placed near the tabernacle which was traditionally recessed into the wall behind or to the side of the altar to house the reserved sacrament.



All Mass Intentions need to be in at least three weeks prior to the requested date. When paying for Masses please include the name of the person for whom the Mass is being said, and the date and time of the requested Mass.

Thank You

Click here to visit Mass Intentions page



Please pray for:

Bill T., Ann, Helen Uhl, Ed & Linda Kloster, Anne Merry, Gretchen C., Ben Bell, Mary Galpin, Jim Keegan, Nick LaBella, Ralph Polito, Anne Bruzzese, Fred Bruzzese, Michel Bruzzese, Jim H., Joe & Sylvia S., Lorraine Krecidlo, Randy Glenski, Bill S, D.S., Christine Vetere-Zammiello, Ed Rogowski, Tim Keegan, Cheryl, A.F., William Murphy, Tony & Gloria Joaquin, William Decrisci, Norma Crosby, Maurice Carr, Kim N., Michelle Gustufson, Patricia Temple Circelli, Lila Burkhard, Marie Spinella, Mia Gorczynski, Beverly K., Andrew, Mary Camerata, Bernice M., Melanie A., Marylin Jordan, Anthony George.

If you would like a name on the List, please call the Rosary Parish Office at (315) 724-0402.


The collection for July 7th
Offertory $ 5,054.00
On line $ 415.00
Renovation $ 220.00
Catholic School Assessment $ 501.00
Total $ 6,190.00

Thank you for your continued generosity & support!