Many THANKS to all who contribute to our my monthly food drive.

The August collection begins this weekend.

Non-perishable food items can be dropped off at the OLR office Mon. - Thurs. from 9:00am - 1:00pm.



Historic Old St. John's Sandwich Ministry Needs Your Help.

As you may already know, they distribute sandwiches to those in need on the St. John's Campus downtown every weekday from 10:00 to 11:00.

If you can help them out, they are in need of: Brown Paper Lunch Bags, Plastic Sandwich Bags, and Bottled Water. The supplies can be dropped off at Rosary and will be delivered to St. John's.


Isaiah 58:10-12 "Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon. The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength."



Anyone interested in making a basket for our bazaar its not too early to sign up.

Please contact Sue Castilla at (315) 527-9109 if you or your organization would like to donate a basket to be raffled.


There will not be daily Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary on Tuesdays for the months of July and August.



The ALTAR BREAD for the month of August is donated fora SPECIAL INTENTION by Jane Chrzan. The WINE for the month of August 1s donated in memory of ALBERT CASATELLI by Wife, Vinnie.

To make a gift of Bread or Wine, please call Dana at (315) 724-0402 or email at

The Sanctuary Light this week is lit in memory of LEN BROWN by his Wife, Children & Grandchildren.

The Sanctuary Lamp for the week of July 31st in memory of Grace Huther by OLOL Parish.



Our Lady of Lourdes Raffle is on now!

  • Grand Prize of $10,000.00
  • Second Prize $1,500.00
  • Third Prize $1,000.00

Tickets $20.00. You must be 21 to enter.

You may purchase tickets at:
Chanatrys * Boat's Unlimited * Bossone's North End Tap Room * McQuade & Bannigan Boneyard BBQ * Habanos Cigars & Lourdes Office



Our Lady of Lourdes Choir will be conducting a MUM SALE during the month of August to assist with its fundraising. The sale will take place after each Mass every weekend in August in the Church foyer. Payment is due when placing the order. Potted mum plants along with hanging mum plants and ones potted for the patio will be for sale. Color will be at the buyers option from choices available on the day of pickup at the greenhouse.

Vouchers will be given to customers at the time of sale.

Customers will take their voucher to the River Road Greenhouse in Marcy from August 30th through September 22nd to pick up their mums.



Since January, when Bishop Lucia approved gave his approval for the unification of Lourdes and Rosary, the steering committee has met numerous times and the following has been accomplished:

  • A letter to all parishioners of both parishes informing them of the proposed unification was sent on April 22nd.
  • Information meetings for parishioners were held on May 4th and 6th, two sessions at each parish church. The sessions included a brief introduction by steering committee members giving an overview of the future challenges for Utica area parishes and the accomplishments already made in some of the ministries while being linked these past four years. Most of the time was allocated to hear parishioners' comments, concerns, and answering their questions.
  • Through both parishes' social media and announcements at all weekend and daily Masses for two weeks, parishioners were encouraged to submit suggested names for our new community.
  • Approximately 100 cards were submitted. Over 50% of the suggested names used "Our Lady" in one form or another. While a few suggested using both parish names, the committee felt this did not support the one community concept.
  • Since most were for keeping a reference to "Our Lady" the committee decided to submit the following three to Bishop Lucia:
    • Faith Community of Our Lady
    • Mother of Our Savior Community
    • Mary Queen of Peace
  • The tentative date for the unification is October 1st.

The steering committee wants to thank everyone that participated in the information meetings and submitting names for our new community. Your continued comments, suggestions and involvement are encouraged.



Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas.

He is a community-builder, lecturer and writer. His books are popular throughout the English-speaking world and his weekly column is carried by more than seventy newspapers worldwide.


Ruth Burrows once presented the the following image: “A baby in its mother's womb is in a relationship with her but is unaware of it and does not respond to the mother's intense love and desire to give herself to the child. The relationship with God on the human side can remain as minimal as that of the baby.”

This image, a baby in its mother's womb though unaware of the mother, is a rich minefield for prayer and reflection.

The reality of God does not depend upon our conscious awareness of it. God does not cease to exist simply because we cease to think about God. God's reality is not threatened by our lack of awareness.

This image can help us better understand something else, namely, the Christian doctrine of creation. Most of the time, almost all of us misunderstand this doctrine. We believe that God created us (past tense) and that we now somehow have life and existence independent of God. But that notion, common though it is, is false.

The dogma of creation asks us to believe that God is actively creating us right now and is sustaining us in being right now. There is no past tense as regards creation. If God, even for a second, ceased creating and sustaining us, we would cease to be. We have no reality independent of God, no more than a baby in the womb is independent of its mother. The baby may not be aware of the mother, but the mother's reality is what is massive, life giving, and life sustaining. That is also true in our relationship to God.

We are the baby and God is the mother gestating us. Our lack of conscious awareness of that fact in no way diminishes its reality or its importance.

The task of prayer is precisely to make us more consciously aware of that relationship of creation, providence, and love that exists between God and ourselves. To pray is to learn that and to pray even more deeply is to learn the intense love and desire of that Mother, God, to give herself to us.



Click here to download the Registration form

OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY is now registering children and youth - Kindergarten through 10th grade - for the Programs that begin in the Fall of 2021!

The Sacramental classes for Holy Eucharist and Confirmation are 2 year programs. Holy Eucharist preparation includes attendance at Ist and 2nd grade classes. Confirmation includes 9th and 10th grade classes.

However, if you have a child or youth who has not attended the prerequisite year, please call the Faith Formation Director, Kathy Seiselmeyer at (315) 7240402 or contact her via email: ( to discuss the possibilities for participating in the program.

THE RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIA TION of ADULTS is the process established for individuals interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith OR wishing to complete the Rites of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.

RCIA IS LIKE FAITH FORMATION FOR ADULTS! We are never too old to learn more about the significance of being a life-long learner of the Scriptures and of worshiping JESUS through OUR CHURCH Liturgies.

For more information please see Father Joe after Mass or call either Parish office:
Our Lady of the Rosary: (315)724-0402
Our Lady of Lourdes: (315) 724-3155.


Word Search Puzzle

The puzzle this week is about a lady Te EN in the Old Testament, Hannah, who prayed " Fe and prayed to God to have a baby boy. Because she had prayed for so long and did not seem to get an answer, she sometimes cried a lot and probably felt as if God had forgotten her. But one time while she was praying she promised God, "Dear God, if you would only look and see how sad I am and remember me, please give me a son. If you would do that for me I will dedicate my son to you for his whole life."

As Hannah was praying there was a man named Eh, a priest, who was sitting nearby and saw her. While Hannah was praying to herself, her lips were moving but Eli couldn't hear her say anything. We can pray just like this too if we need to. We can pray to God in our head so no one can hear. Eli realized that Hannah was being very honest and truthful with God and he said to her, "Go in peace and may God answer your prayer." After that, Hannah felt much better because she had talked to God about what bothered her.

You see, sometimes God doesn't seem to answer our specific prayers, but we still need to thank Him for all the other good things in our life. God knows what's best so there's always a good reason why he hasn't answered our prayer the way we wanted Him to. But He still is listening. Read the rest of the story about Hannah in the book of 1Samuel. It has a happy ending!

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All Mass Intentions need to be in at least two weeks prior to the requested date. When writing a check for your donation, please include the name of the person for whom the Mass is being said with the date and time of request. Thank You.

Call Dana at (315) 724-0402 or email


Dear Parishioners and Friends,
We have reviewed and revised our PRAYER LIST.

If you would like to add a name , please call the Rosary Office at (315)724-0402 and leave a call back number. You may also email Kathy or Dana with the information at:

Please pray for:

Marianne Looney, Don Yozzo, Jim Fallon., Joyce Jennings, Mary Kogut, A & C. Roberts, John Sullivan, Ann Doolen, Peg Stafford, Monica Schmadel, Jane, Joe and Sylvia S., Bob Roberts, Mia Gorezynski, Madison Viggiano , Jennifer Pratico, Amy, John Nogas, Jennie Boulier, Christine Williams., Pam Stafford.