Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time


What is ALPHA?

Alpha is an evangelistic program which seeks to answer questions about the Catholic/Christian faith through a series of 11 informal talks and discussions.

Do you have any Questions about Faith?

Each session looks at a different question that people may have about our faith. It is designed to create conversation in an open, informal, and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together.

The focus audience is the parents of Faith Formation students but everyone is welcome ! There are three key components: food, a talk, and good conversation.!!!!!

For more information: Marybeth McCall,, (315) 794-5038


Father Tom Honold

Now that I am back home, I bought my Parents house at 22 Cheriton Drive, Whitesboro, across from the former St. Anne’s Church.

I enjoy the opportunity to celebrate the 9:00 am Mass with you every Sunday.

However, I am no longer able to drive to and from Our Lady of the Rosary. I would really appreciate your assistance getting me to and from Church.

I am hoping to set up a monthly schedule for drivers to share for October and November.

If you can assist any future Sunday, please call Dana at the OLR office so she can set up a schedule and provide more detailed information. (315) 724-0402.


Today’s Old Testament reading from Isaiah represents the first two parts of a poem that tells us about Jesus as the Servant of the Lord God. Here the Servant is described as persevering in adverse conditions created by those who are against Him. No matter what is being done to Him, He listens to the Father, opens His ear to God’s word, and knowing that God is on His side, He never gives up hope.

Contained in these short verses are four major concepts: the Servant acknowledges that He is a DISCIPLE of the Lord, affirms that He is SUBMISSIVE to the will of the Lord, believes that He will be DEFENDED by the Lord, and lastly, that He will be VINDICATED by the Lord.

Isaiah is, of course, describing what will happen to Jesus on our behalf as written in Matthew’s Gospel 26:67; “They spit in His face, buffeted Him, took the reed and smote Him on the head”. How significant it is that so many years before Jesus was born, His suffering for Israel’s and our salvation was prophesied! We can take such comfort in the salvation story of Our Savior that is woven throughout the chapters of Isaiah.

We learn that as Christians, we are servants of the Lord. As such, we also have our Lord and our God and the Holy Spirit to help us be submissive to the Lord by doing His will. We know that He will affirm, defend, and vindicate us when the enemy comes into our lives. What a privilege it is to be a Christian and a Servant of the Lord! Thank you, Father, for choosing us and inspiring us to respond to your call!

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