Mass Intentions November 2018

Wednesday 14th

7:30 am

Bthdy David Maciewicz Jr. (Family)
Bthdy Kathleen Rivard (Karen)

Thursday 15th

7:30 am

Deceased Members Harry Otto Family (Estate)

Friday 16th

7:30 am

In Memory of the Deceased Members
of the Class of 1950 (Classmates Class of 50)

Saturday 17th

4:00 pm

Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes

Sunday 18h

7:30 am

2nd Ann. Ted Petrillo Jr. (Phyllis Petrillo)

Betty Jane Tolpa (Family)

Allie & Vito Montrecalvo (Son & Family)

Caroline & John Harp (Daughter & Family)

Carol Bechtold (Sister & Family)

Sal Branca (Nephew & Family)

9:00 am

15th Ann. Mafalda Spagnuolo (Daughter)

3rd Ann.Dolores Guca (Family)

Ann. Ronald Hart (Family)

Alan Alsheimer Sr. (Family)

Harry Northrup (Family)

George Wood (Family)

Gerald Zajac (Betty & Tracy)

Robert Miller (Ronald & Betty Murphy)

Bernard Schmidt (Aunt Jenny & Family)

Mary & Vincent Gianotti (Family)

Sean Reilly (Cathy & Ken Egan Family)

St. Rita

Monday 19th

7:30 am

Bthdy John F. Collins (Family)
Success for Jackie Rogowski (Marie & Friends)
Special Intention

Tuesday 20th

7:30 am

Marilyn Labarbera (Bertha)

7:00 pm

Miraculous Medal Novena/Communion

Wednesday 21st

7:30 am

Bthdy Mary German (Phyllis Petrillo)
John & Margaret Kelly (Janet Kelly)

Thursday 22nd

7:30 am

Thanksgiving Day Mass at 9:30 am

Friday 23rd

7:30 am

Deceased Members Harry Otto Family (Estate)

Saturday 24th

4:00 pm

Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes

Sunday 25th

7:30 am

George Albright (Don Spost & Cherie Fairbrother)

9:00 am

29th Ann. Theodora Fiorenza (Daughter Mary Ann)
9th Ann. Dorothy Slabicki (Scott McGauley Family)
Ann. Salvatore Scalzo Jr. (Wife & Family)
Victoria Sobkowicz (Gladys Seiter)
Jeffrey Joaquin (Beth & Kenneth Stockton)
Marissa Gentile Wendt (Family)
John Gacek (Terry & Russ Bell)
Shirley Cole (John & Melissa Pedone)
Gilbert, Barbara & Linda Smith (Penny & Kristen)