Word Search Puzzle

The puzzle this weekend is about a man in the Old Testament who was kind to his brothers even though they had not been kind to him. Jesus teaches us that kindness is one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it is hard to be nice to people we may not like for many reasons. Maybe they have more stuff than we have or they have more friends than we do, but those are not reasons to be mean to them. The story of the man in the puzzle, Joseph, was mistreated by his brothers but he was not mad at them or mean to them. In fact, many years later, he saved their lives because he had forgiven them completely.

We have the Holy Spirit with us every day to help us to be kind to others even though it may be hard. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill you with His gifts so you can show others kindness. Then the love of Jesus will grow in your heart and maybe even in the hearts of those to whom you are kind. The whole story of Joseph is in Genesis, the first Book of the Bible. It is very interesting and there to show us how to forgive others and be kind to them. As you work the puzzle, think about someone to whom you could do or say something nice today and really every day!

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