Word Search Puzzle

The puzzle this week is about a lady Te EN in the Old Testament, Hannah, who prayed " Fe and prayed to God to have a baby boy. Because she had prayed for so long and did not seem to get an answer, she sometimes cried a lot and probably felt as if God had forgotten her. But one time while she was praying she promised God, "Dear God, if you would only look and see how sad I am and remember me, please give me a son. If you would do that for me I will dedicate my son to you for his whole life."

As Hannah was praying there was a man named Eh, a priest, who was sitting nearby and saw her. While Hannah was praying to herself, her lips were moving but Eli couldn't hear her say anything. We can pray just like this too if we need to. We can pray to God in our head so no one can hear. Eli realized that Hannah was being very honest and truthful with God and he said to her, "Go in peace and may God answer your prayer." After that, Hannah felt much better because she had talked to God about what bothered her.

You see, sometimes God doesn't seem to answer our specific prayers, but we still need to thank Him for all the other good things in our life. God knows what's best so there's always a good reason why he hasn't answered our prayer the way we wanted Him to. But He still is listening. Read the rest of the story about Hannah in the book of 1Samuel. It has a happy ending!

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