Teen-Age Confirmation

Confirmation Class of Fall 2016

Direct Preparation Classes are to be completed in either the June or August session.

Students who have not been baptized as Roman Catholic or have not made their First Eucharist should receive these Sacraments by the spring of 2016.

However, Candidates for Confirmation 2016 should register and participate fully in Faith Formation for Grade 10. Completion of Grade 10 academic classes and Grade 10 Faith Formation classes is required for Confirmation. Attendance at all sessions is essential.

  1. Students not attending Faith Formation classes at Our Lady of the Rosary must provide proof of participation in another program as a requirement to enter the "Direct Preparation" for Confirmation at Our Lady of the Rosary.
  2. Notre Dame Students must register for Faith Formation Grade 10 no later than September 19, 2015 at Our Lady of the Rosary but may opt not to attend classes here in our parish. However, they are asked to participate in the large group activities that take place between the mini-courses. They are also required to participate in the "Direct Preparation" at Our Lady of the Rosary and the Retreat.

What if my sponsor does not meet all the requirements?

The role of "sponsor" is that of mentor. Sometimes emotional conflicts occur in a family when relatives or close friends who are held in esteem are considered as possible godparents but are technically not qualified either because they are not Catholics or because they are Catholics who do not practice their faith regularly, or whose religious status is "problematic" because of some situations, for example, a civil marriage.

Conflicts can occur between loyalties to family and friends and the demands of liturgical and religious authenticity. Baptism and Confirmation are sacraments of faith, and the major ministers of the Church, including the sponsors, should be examples of faith for those gathered in prayer. Not every relative or friend is appropriate to serve as "sponsor".

However, our parish priest will be happy to meet with you, listen to your concerns and try to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! There is no cost to you for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

How is our parish community involved?

Our parish community is primarily involved with Confirmation candidates through prayer. Each week, starting at the Rite of Becoming a Confirmation Candidate", the parish will pray for you at each weekend Mass during the Prayer Petitions.

In addition, through the parishioner's generosity, the parish pays all expenses for Confirmation Preparation.