Since January, when Bishop Lucia approved gave his approval for the unification of Lourdes and Rosary, the steering committee has met numerous times and the following has been accomplished:

  • A letter to all parishioners of both parishes informing them of the proposed unification was sent on April 22nd.
  • Information meetings for parishioners were held on May 4th and 6th, two sessions at each parish church. The sessions included a brief introduction by steering committee members giving an overview of the future challenges for Utica area parishes and the accomplishments already made in some of the ministries while being linked these past four years. Most of the time was allocated to hear parishioners' comments, concerns, and answering their questions.
  • Through both parishes' social media and announcements at all weekend and daily Masses for two weeks, parishioners were encouraged to submit suggested names for our new community.
  • Approximately 100 cards were submitted. Over 50% of the suggested names used "Our Lady" in one form or another. While a few suggested using both parish names, the committee felt this did not support the one community concept.
  • Since most were for keeping a reference to "Our Lady" the committee decided to submit the following three to Bishop Lucia:
    • Faith Community of Our Lady
    • Mother of Our Savior Community
    • Mary Queen of Peace
  • The tentative date for the unification is October 1st.

The steering committee wants to thank everyone that participated in the information meetings and submitting names for our new community. Your continued comments, suggestions and involvement are encouraged.