new service at Our Lady of the Rosary: The Projection Ministry

I wanted to write a great big Thank you to all involved in the “Projection Ministry.” Our Lady of the Rosary had the benefit of seeing Our Lady of Lourdes use projection of the Word and responses with lovely art during the Mass on Sunday. When COVID 19 affected our ability to distribute missals and hymnals, participation in the Masses at Our Lady of the Rosary was affected.

One of our parishioners, Nate Lorraine, recognized that he could install and provide equipment to allow us to “Live Stream” the Mass for Christmas.... And what a great projection it was!

Noting that Daily Mass was now at the Campus of Our Lady of the Rosary, he developed a team to produce the recording. With a group of new “youtubers”, we recognized that we might also be able to do internal projection of the Word.

Good News Center has availability of grants to help Parishes with Evangelization. We applied in February and were granted $5000.00 to help with the project....... We were thrilled. Nate and his company went to work to purchase and mount the monitors, install the hardware and connect all to the computer. With assistance from Irena Lingley from Our Lady of Lourdes, we could project the Easter Service at Our Lady of the Rosary and start to learn how to project Daily Mass Readings and the Masses.

Despite some early errors for the learning curve, many seem happy to have the Word to participate in the daily Mass.

Thank you to Nate Lorraine with Professional Installations and the “Projection Ministry Team”. Frank Dubeck, Joanna Greco, Stan Olkowski, Phyllis Pitrello, Dan Swider and Kathy Sesielmyer. We hope all enjoy the addition and would welcome other folks familiar with PowerPoint to volunteer for this ministry.

Yours thankfully,

Marybeth McCall
Parochial Council Chair