January 22-23, 2022

In this Gospel, St. Luke writes to his friend Theophilus to explain that he needs to understand Jesus' teaching which gives us the opportunity to look more deeply at the Holy Bible.

  • What is your approach to the Bible?
  • How often do you read it?
  • How thoroughly do you understand it?
  • Is the Bible the foundation of your life of faith and knowledge of God?

Sacred Scripture is a gift beyond our imagination. It's a gift from God through which He reveals His perfect love and His perfect plan for us. We should know the Scriptures well, read them often, pray over the verses and allow all that is revealed within those pages to become the foundation of our lives. The Bible is 100% the work of God through the Holy Spirit and 100% the work of the human author. God, for His part, guaranteed that all that was written came from His heart and inspiration. Therefore, we should love Scripture because it reveals the heart and truth of God as well as the unique gifts of the human authors. Reflect upon the uniqueness of the Bible and the way that we should become a living gift of the Word of God to the world by READING THE BIBLE EVERY DAY. Help me to always be open to Your divine Word and to always be open to becoming a living presence of that Word in our world.