June 25 - 26, 2022

Today, we read that Jesus is first rejected by the Samaritans who know that He and His disciples are going to worship in Jerusalem. Some of His followers want the Samaritans to be punished for their rejection of Him. However, Jesus rebukes them because He wants only those who freely choose to respond to His invitation, not those who do so under threat of punishment for their refusal. So, Jesus gives others a personal invitation. They seem willing to respond, but only after they take care of other personal matters.

What the Lord is asking of His followers is a complete and freely chosen desire to do what He asks of them. By our asking Jesus to come into our hearts as our personal LORD AND SAVIOR, we will be willing to serve others who have been put in our lives without counting the personal costs. Our attitude toward The Holy Spirit (peace, love, patience, wisdom, knowledge, endurance, joy, etc.) would enable us to fully commit to showing our love and thanksgiving to Jesus by bringing His love to others.